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SEO is the process of combining the optimization methods to make your site become friendly with the search engines (Search Engine) and bring a good experience for users thereby improving the user rankings search for relevant keywords.

Over 90% of Internet users via Google search VN SEO in Vietnam should be understood default is Google SEO.

There are 2 types of SEO:

– Onsite SEO: The optimization of website content that provides sufficient useful information to users, optimize interfaces, structures, meta tags, url, page load speed … to the website can “communicate next “better with search engines.

– Offsite SEO: is creating the appearance of the website on other websites, sharing on social networking sites, links to useful websites, website assessments.

Benefits of SEO

While companies have a lot of reason to do SEO for your website, the main objective of every company doing SEO is to increase traffic to their website, creating more traffic websites of units with other sectors from the search engines.

Besides that the main purpose, the SEO work also brings a lot of benefits for your website, including:

– Increase in traffic-related websites

– Increase the conversion rate of your website goals (of visitors come from search engines usually have a higher conversion rate access from other sources)

– Increase brand awareness vethuong

– SEO helps improve site performance

– SEO helps improve website usability

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