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According to statistics :

– 19.6 million Facebook users in Vietnam. Accounting for 21.42% of the population and 71.4% of Internet users.

– 18 – 34 age group is mainly engaged Facebook (over 73%)

– Vietnam ranked 16th in the world in the percentage of people using Facebook.

– Up to 81% of purchasing decisions through social networking

And obviously there are 52% who do Makerting search customers through social networks.

For advertising Facebook advertising has 3 forms:

  1. Page Likes (Promotion page / Attractive like fanpage)

Plays like a form of increased interest of users in the enterprise Fanpage.


Ad samples taken from Fanpage or 1 Post on Fanpage

– Link to the home page or the content corresponding Fanpage on Fanpage

– Charges plays like (CPL)

– Ads are displayed in the News Feed (middle of the page) and the right of the Facebook page


The main benefit of advertising Promotion page:

– Increase the number of like fanpage

– Increase the number of customers access (REACH)

– Increase in the index: Reach, like, comment, share on the fanpage

– Increased interaction on the fanpage

– Improved sales …

  1. Page post (Promotion posts)

Is a form of interactive advertising increases for posts on the Fanpage.


– Samples are taken from advertising or 1 Post on Fanpage Fanpage.

– Charge-per click advertising Post (CPC).

– Link to the home page or the content Fanpage respectively on the Fanpage.

– Show in News Feed (middle of the page) and the right of the Facebook page.


The main benefit of advertising Page Post:

– Increase the number of customers to view and interact with the article (product or service)

– Increase in the index: like talking about, comment, share of fanpage

– Increase sales …

  1. Banner Facebook ADS

Is a form of banner ads running introduce services to increase visits to the website plays, fanpage

– Charged according to CPC (click on the banner ad views)

The main benefit of advertising Banner Facebook ADS:

– Helps increase traffic to your website and customer page.

– Indirect rose like the Fanpage.

Advantages of Facebook: can restrict the age, sex, region display, occupation, … Increased interaction Fanpage.

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