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Website Design


According to new trends for designing a website from 2014 up to present. We are not only unique website design for your computer screen anymore, but website design for portable devices such as: tablets; mobile phone,…. Because, according to current statistics, about ½ of people using the Web and find information via handheld devices.

Because of these reasons, TM Brothers tried to apply these solutions & latest technologies to design the most professional website, integrating all browsers & handheld devices, ….

With all the enthusiasm on each product, so each of our sites are carrying the full implementation of the requirements of a modern and professional website. Help convey information, your company’s image to visitors a most professional way to make a difference in your company identity and trust transmission lasting for visitors.



Technology – Solutions

With solutions built on the basis of uniformity and consistency of data, workflow for the entire operation of the website. Advanced search capabilities, exploitation of the user.

The system is always ready for expansion & upgrade anytime. Always ensure stable operation sites and high security.

Building sites based on modern technology: content presented standard in HTML 5 / CSS3 – ensuring gentle, nice effects and especially compatible with many different devices.

Design SEO standards: optimized tags, optimized friendly links, alt tag optimization, ….

We try our best to provide our customers with the technology & the best solution to provide a modern and professional website to meet the increasing demands of customers.

Implement the building – complete website

Step 1: Gather information – Get information about companies, products offering the most optimal plan.

Step 2: Design – Based on customer requirements, to interface properly set target demo.

Step 3: Programming – IT engineers move into the website design ideas into products.

Step 4: Check & Support – Check for errors, in collaboration with clients to make reasonable adjustments.

Step 5: Handing & governance guidelines – Guidelines, website administration consoles.

The esteem and trust of the customer is “Pride, the biggest success” in our process of formation and development.

Please contact us for the best advice:


Address: No. 18/ 157, Lang Phao Dai Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi City

Phone: 04 6299 5353 – 04 6650 8844

Email: info@trustmedia.com.vn

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