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Trust Media is proud of its YOUNG – THUY HUY – HR – Experienced staffs who have a thorough understanding of the market and consumers, have a deep understanding of online advertising services: Search Advertising (Google AdWords), Advertising on Google’s content network (Google Display Networks), Mobile advertising (Mobile Ads), Advertising on social networks (Facebook Ads & Social Media) and many other online advertising services … create and always provide sales optimization solutions for businesses.

We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business activities and make our expertise available for the benefit of the societies in which we operate. Our expertise is available to the benefit of the societies in which we operate.

  • We have supported WordPress from the beginning.
  • Perfect for large websites or agencies that handle multiple clients.
  • Our easy-to-use control panel and API let you spend

Why do you chooseOur services

The reason is simple: To achieve the desired result requires the necessary competence. Our concept is: “Creating a good product requires the cooperation of many experts. An expert cannot be proficient in all areas of the website ”. Therefore, Trustmedia is the cooperation of a really strong team including: website designers, programmers, editors, promoters, network administrators.

Experience – We have implemented more than 1000 projects, trusted by customers

Trustmedia always listen and understand the needs of each customer, thereby applying their skills, experience and creative thinking to offer the best solutions for customers:

  • High quality IT products and solutions.
  • Impressive designs and the perfect solution for professional websites.
  • Consulting services, perfect customer support for IT.
  • Commitment to permanent warranty for each product of ADC Vietnam.

TargetVision - Mission, Core Values

Here are a few reasons why Trust Media can help grow your business

The goal of Trustmedia

ADC Vietnam wishes to become a strong organization and be respected by the community by making efforts to apply technology and knowledge, contributing to the prosperous development of Vietnamese organizations and businesses ”.

Development Goals
“Continuously develop, improve and improve the quality of products, apply new technologies, perfect services, and reach customer requirements with the highest level of quality expected. ”.

The main mission of our business:

1. Enterprise growth is associated with the mission of customers wishing to use technology products / services.

2. Profits from production and business activities are used to pay for the development of personal careers (training of occupations and hobbies) of its members.

Develop Trustmedia into a pioneer company in the leading technology field in Vietnam and the region aims to be a world-class company / corporation. Trustmedia is proud to be Vietnamese, bringing Vietnamese intelligence to the world.

Mission of Trustmedia
“Our mission is to become a business company, designing services for the leading IT industry in Vietnam. Best serve customers in the market the company has. ”

Bringing products to market breadth, targeting small and medium-sized enterprises are accessible. With criteria

Core values

Innovation is vitality: As a young company and a technology company, creativity is always a prerequisite for creating the vitality of the company.

Prestige is always top priority: In any circumstance, always be responsible for the decisions made. Say to do.

Unity is the strength of the business. In co-workers like brothers and sisters, like relatives, striving for common goals, not afraid of difficulties and support each other.

The most valuable asset is the employee.

Challenges and challenges promote growth and development. Difficulties do not falter, difficulties are just challenges that help us grow and be more stable.

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