The 4.0 technology revolution has made OOH advertising field more and more diverse and diverse. With a staff of professional and enthusiastic, we bring our customers the ideal advertising venues and the best prices. In addition, we also design and execute OOH signs suitable for each customer. We always optimize the service to bring customers the most reasonable price list. Depending on the needs of customers, we have different service packages to meet and serve.

Advertising billboards, also known as outdoor billboards Large billboards (billboard) Digital marketing is the activity of promoting products or brands through one or more electronic means. Different from traditional marketing in that it uses channels and methods that allow organizations to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working in real time.

Advertising on taxis is a form of marketing, outdoor advertising is too familiar with large and small businesses today. And especially in recent years, advertising on taxis has become a trend, an effective means to promote brands and products for businesses.

Advertising on taxis is one of the mass media channels, reaching out to a variety of potential audiences. Compared to the cost, it is much lower than other similar communication channels.