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Google Adwords


  1. Google Adwords advertising program is Google’s online advertising allows you to reach new customers and grow your business.

    1.1. Characteristics:

    + Helps advertisers to reach customers who are searching for keywords related to the business, or viewing websites with related topics

    + Advertisers can easily control costs and measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns

    + It is a tool to pay costs and advertisers effectively lost cost only when customers click on the ads, too.


1.2. Benefits of Google AdWords advertising:

There is one important thing that Adwords few differences compared to other ad types.

+ Reach people at the right time they are looking for what you offer

Ads are shown to people who are looking for the types of products and services you offer. So those people are more likely to take action than.

+ Control your budget

With cost-per-click (CPC), you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad, not when your ad appears. There are many options of different bidding which you can choose.

+ Know somewhat effective in your advertising and build on that section

See report on how effective your ads are performing – see how many new customers to connect to your business from advertising, where they come from, and so on ..

  1. HOW AdWords works

Google Adwords has 2 forms of advertising:

2.1 Advertising Google Adwords network search (Search)

– Advertising Search Network ads appear alongside Google search results and on other search sites when keywords are relevant to a user’s search

– Benefits: Why search advertising important?

+ Google Network can connect you with customers at the precise moment when they’re doing online activities related to what you offer products such searches. Because your ads can be displayed at the relevant location, you have a better chance to turn viewers into customers.

+ By understanding what is Google’s network, and you can control your network settings like, you can take advantage of the world is interested customers.

– Location appears:

+ Your ads may appear alongside Google search results and on other search sites when keywords are relevant to a user’s search.

google search

+ On other search sites that are part of the Search Network

When someone searches on search sites have partnered with Google to display AdWords ads, such as AOL, your ads may appear alongside or above the search results or on the search page other related searches.

+ On the search on mobile

– The types of ads on the search network:

+ Ad text: Type Ads search results are the most popular. These ads appear labeled “Advertisement” or “Ads” on Google Search

+ Ads are displayed with a series of extensions: Ad extensions include additional business details, such as location, phone number or seller ratings.

google search2

+ Product Listing Ads: Advertising display product listings and links to the products for sale. Product listing ads are labeled as “Sponsored”

+ Image ads and video ads: Search partners can store image ads and video ads.

– Distinguish the search results and search ads by google

+ When people search for something they want on Google, they’ll find two types of results: search results and AdWords ads.

+ Search results appear as links on the search results page and not as part of Google’s advertising program.

+ AdWords ads appear in the “Ads” and can be placed at several locations around the free search results.

Google AdWords advertising FORMS IN SEARCH TRUSTMEDIA

a, Package.

Customer provides keyword advertising list. TM Brothers will analyze, advise and quote ad campaigns per keyword.

– Charges VND / from / month.

b, Click

Providing customers want ad keyword list. TM Brothers will analyze, advice & quotes advertising campaign under the field.

– Charged VND / 1 click.

c, Account Management.

Customers loaded budget for TM Brothers & we will direct setup for your advertising campaign under the keyword, ad content … that you give. TM Brothers managed only chargeable%.

– Charge (amount / 1 load): + Under 10 million: 15% management fee

+ From 10 to 20 million: 10% management fee

+ Over 20 million: agreements

2.1. Google Display Advertising Network (GDN)

Advertising is a form GDN Google ads, allowing bookings Banner, Text display content on thousands of Web Publisher system from Google with specific topics such as economics, news, sports, entertainment , video sharing, …

– Benefit:

+ True Customer

+ The right time

+ True messages


GDN ad appear in 3 formats:

– Type Text


– Type Banner


– Type Video


With GDN ads, businesses can choose to charge by the CPC (pay-per-click) or CPM (pay by the number of impressions). TM Brothers to charge at:

– Charged CPC: 2,500 VND / 1 click

– Charged CPM: 6,000 VND / 1000 impressions



(Quotation above applies to ads that run on Google’s system. Depending on the customer’s campaign, TM Brothers will quote the details after receiving the request.)

Please contact us for the best advice:


Address: No. 18/ 157, Lang Phao Dai Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi City

Phone: 04 6299 5353 – 04 6650 8844

Email: info@trustmedia.com.vn

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